Kurkime savo ateitį drauge

The "JK Elektronika " Joint Stock Company was established in 2004. Our main goal is to satisfy all the client needs and expectations. We specializes in selling electronic parts and components.

The "JK Elektronika " company cooperates with the largest and the most famous producers of the electronic components. That's why we can satisfy even the most particular needs. Experienced team of workers, is ready to provide YOU with all the information about our products.

Every client is important for us, ranging from a small business to the wholesale companies. We provide our regular clients with a flexible discounts. Furthermore we are trying to give our regular clients exceptional offers for a good value.

Most of our goods are stored in warehouses in Vilnius or abroad. If YOU can't find particular electronic components here, our partners guarantee fast delivery of quality products abroad. The "JK Elektronika" company guarantees, that here YOU will find unique products for a very reasonable price.

Our policy is to be close to our clients, that's why we will deliver YOUR ordered goods to any city in Lithuania.

Exceptional quality, reasonable prices, pleasant servicing  - that's are "JK Elektronika " guarantees for our clients. We are ready to take all YOUR challenges.